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Photons are merely code. They transmit no energy, their properties of wavelength and frequency are entirely subjective to types of mass that can interact with them as 'detectors'. The energy that photons appear to unleased in mater is mostly likely inherent in the mass already and probably dark mater which is momentum of ordinary velocity

After a long discussion with the aliens I finally understand how defective text book physics is.  The latest discovery is matching up real dark energy of motion with the code transmission of photons. Most of that logic and proofs are presented in my other blogs or this one in stages.  Dark Energy I simply define as the invisible energy every object in motion has should it ever collide with another body of mass at any other velocity.  That gives us momentum with an object with velocity.  It is dark energy because until there is some sort of collision or interaction nothing about that energy is apparent . We can travel fast enough in a rocket to pass though solid steel thousands of feet thick , though we would vaporize in the process, the energy is onboard the space craft and with in us. That means it exists but to say it is dark just means until collision or interaction which might be eventually inevitable give probability in a cosmos full of other massive objects all in motion. One ca…