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IT IS what I call an extrapolation fallacy. NOT to mention bad science. What they are really doing is watching cars in the distance on the high way getting smaller and smaller in the distance and assuming that as their car moves forward it will also continue to get infinitely smaller too. I figured out their mistake about a month ago . A good reason to keep mathematicians away from empirical sciences.…/the-universe-seems-to-be-…/ar-BBWibnh…|2

Space Time is Nonsense in a universe where space has no actual metric properties. Einstein Got it Wrong . Super Relativity by Lex Loeb resolves the problem.

You have to read a lot of my previous posts to understand my empirical discoveries.  Figuring you have I will now quickly explain how mass relates to gravity and probably electromagnetic properties of mater too. Newton clearly stated that object in motion stay in motion but never really explained , relative, to everything else in the universe , as a marker or a metric in space, how any object 'stays at rest.'  

Relative to all  other objects moving in space or even photons at the speed of light,  Everything is actually in motion . Nothing is at rest.

Well of course you know that intuitively.  The whole mental experiment by Einstein about frames of reference is about things being in motion relative to each other and that also includes his diversion into space and time and space time.

Object in space regardless of size or whether they are mater or photons or something else that has physical subatomic particles of any sort or size is that they only can register against each othe…