Gravity Research Program --GRP

Gravity Research Program --GRP
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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Assuming em drive propulsion is a real should be able to instantly propell your microwave oven into orbit after unplugging it.

My new understanding of light and the spectrum of light as being pure code and not transmitting energy nor mass perfectly supports the observation that seem to say an em drive engine is possible.    That's because you create and send a photon to transmit information  which we all know are the "wavelength / frequency" for each.  at opposite ends of the spectrum you should then have pure wavelength with no frequency and pure frequency with no wavelength at the other end of the spectrum.  What is pure frequency? what is pure wavelength.  these are both properties expressed as analogies.  at one end of the spectrum I would guess you have pure acceleration and at the other  negative acceleration ?   the basic positive photon just finds energy of existing momentum of mater and subatomic particles and deploys it.  It becomes a frames of reference mater when a gamma ray seems to activate a sub atomic particle when it really is just deactivating it essentially slowing it down relative to the rest of the mater it is connected to.  So then theoretically you can send a signal that totally stop mater in it's tracks and it won't necessarily take huge energy levels to achieve.  That could essentially take the  microwave off the earth's surface immediately because its atoms are no longer in sync with the rest of mater on earth. If it can fly off by completely stopping it by slowing it down hundreds of thousands of meters per second than you get a full effect of disengaging.  at the opposite end of the spectrum you can instantly increase it's momentum possibly though less likely.

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