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Gravity Research Program --GRP
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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The process of electroysis where oxygen and hydrogen are separately released from water along the lines of separate charged leads is key to the proof that photons carry no mass and no energy.

somewhere along the line readers may have missed this point.  its way back in the discovery blog.  The way oxygen and hydrogen can separate from water molecules and  emerge along separate lines of polarity in a current should be one of the greatest mysteries of science. it is practically quantum mechanics spooky action in a can.  It is acknowledged fact but ignored in understanding the properties of electromagnetism  and magnetic disturbances that relate to the production of photons.  In the experiments with electrolysis the photons might not be observed except there should be resistance of the current in water and that should lead to infrared and heating / release of heat in the process.  That goes down as "conservation of energy"  but does it?  the migration of oxygen and hydrogen in two opposite polarities says there is a problem not resolved. I believe I have resolved it.  That leaves photons completely out of the conservation of energy equations....unnecessary.  different thing not energy and not mass.  The only way you get the electrolysis results is by having a dark code that interferes with bonding energy because of some outer source of energy which can only be an unseen existing source of energy and that turns out to be momentum....the motion of mater relative to the motion of everything else.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Layers of code ....Not just photons are coded.

photons are not the only thing in the universe that is coded of course. it take mass to interface with photons to actually exist in reality and it takes mass in contact with photons to make them apparent and exist too.
Although photons are pure code that also leads to the conclusion that mass also can be pure code reflexively.  we cannot detect photons or start to measure them in any way with out mater.  We cant detect mater without photons or electro magnetic disturbance energy as per feeling and touch senses. Of course photons are merely light disrupted into space electromagnetic signals and in mass electromagnetic disturbance signals are also photons except we call them dark energy because unlike light in space or though space they are not necessarily visible  but they transmit real code at short distances and longer ones.

Yes the unifying theory that puts the force of gravity and electromagnetism into a predictable relationship happens to be the inverse square outward propertied sphere of radiation.   Radiation is simply the dark electromagnetic disturbance signals of material state masses emerging into an outside vacuum.  It is sort of like light pulsing though a fiber optic cable and then out into a vacuum.  Photons act to signal at a distance then, though they are not going to transmit the original message necessarily they have a negative energy effect in the signal as to drain subatomic particles of energy of momentum. That leads to the radiometer proof of gravity I discovered years ago.

When it comes to the sun, though , that is not the whole story . Although photons radiating from the sun at  various percentages along the electromagnetic spectrum including gamma they do not carry energy and they do not carry any mass.  The Sun loses more energy and mass in the form of actual momentum and that is from the solar wind.  The wind can include any parts of atoms, whole atoms and possibly molecules too. Each individual particle projected by the Sun is actually a miniature rocket having the escape velocity to leave the sun's gravitational field which is amazingly powerful, as I recall some 500 times that of the earth's gravity.  Each of these particle rockets can have the ability to travel straight out of the solar system if not deflected by some planetary magnetic field and these tiny rockets can also be trust forward by the radiation field.  If you are looking for real energy from the Sun it is not the  photons. Photons draw from existing hidden momentum.  The cosmic wind is mass and energy ....that is real mass and energy.  The relationship of the cosmic wind and the radiation sphere "field'  is just the origin being the Sun and some possible trust reactions.  going out into the more distant universe we expect to see huge spherical photon fields and much larger solar wind phenomena than we find in our own solar system.  The bending of light from other than refraction, reflection and diffraction never happens but the solar wind and cosmic rays do react to sources of magnetism/ electro magnetism  and to the coding of the photons because mass is  there. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017


The Sun could be fixed to a worm hole portal if ever one of those could exist. As for even bigger news from the Gravity Research Program in Portland Oregon. The Sun may just happen to mark what is an open portal worm hole . The idea that all mater and energy were vested in objects in space at the time of a mythical big bang is just one theory. Recalculating the energy and mass of the sun it might appear to be increasing with timer and not depleting some fixed amount of depos...ited mass and energy from 14 or more billion years ago. At GRP the idea that Stars including our Sun are feeders and not fixed masses then it is entirely possible that a wormhole opens to the sun to feed it constantly. Of course that could lead to later closing of the portal and the mass and energy net declining for the Sun. So If you do believe that space time can be folded to create a worm hole then clearly the Sun can be stationed right at that junction. The idea can be tested . I would look at the Coronal holes in the coronal sphere along the magnetic field lines . At GRP we think a super atomic core of a singe giant element can exist. call it a black hole if you prefer. That's because it would naturally have to discharge large numbers of electrons from the core....well visit GRP for more info

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

updating new laws of physics for the coded universe thesis.

I am refining the New Laws of physics with photons now as pure code neither transmitting energy nor having mass.  the pure code theory leads to an intelligent universe thesis which actually explains a lot that could not be explained before.  There are layers of code and all code is electromagnetism.   That's a new law of nature actually.  This is a substantially different thesis than string theory or holographic  analogy theory.  another new law of physics is that mass of any kind is code reader material .

Friday, June 16, 2017

Once you realize that photons are pure code you can help revise and fix physics and astronomy as we now know it.

I cannot do it all myself.  I have the main empirical evidence that requires these revisions happen now and I will move on to proving that where there is code there has to be intelligence.  I can't say that growing into a quartz  crystal as opposed to a diamond crystal takes a lot of intelligence but when intelligence it takes requires coding.  DNA is a completely different story because it is code with layers of code that binds to molecules in cells promoting what could be called even higher levels of code.  It all comes down to electro magnetism at work  and choice properties and levels of light and dark photonic activity as per electro magnetism.  electro magnetism is extreme coding we all know it with the spectrum and the periodic table  and then we have the encyclopedia of molecules and then we get to dna and a library of possible forms life can take.. Layers of code everything is going down to subatomic particles that lose momentum in contact with a particular electro magnetic disturbance.  that loss of momentum can be very elastic because subatomic forces keep negative and positive ions engaged with each other....evaporation is an ionization effect when it comes to photons and so is photo electric effect but none of it is caused by actual energy input to the contrary it is a kind of new relativity of motion slowing.  The speed of light then is acceleration with out out mass and without energy but the effects appear to transform both mass and energy of atoms.  atoms temporarily getting less massive with an electron put in greater motion and atoms also might seem to speed up just because they have electrons that fly off the surface having actually been put in a kind of temporary suspended animation.

Einstein totally missed the point about photons being pure code and that hte photo electric effect is actually all about slowing down electrons from atoms from the general hidden momentum of the whole.

It turns out that the energy of photo electric effect totally comes from hidden momentum of the atoms affected from the whole body of mater. Einstein and others mistakenly figured that energy was being transferred though space and time by photons as well as mass.  All that was incorrect because of my proof going back to the radiometer proof, the Lex Loeb radiometer proof in the new laws of physics published years ago shows that no momentum is imparted with a photon collision . back then I did not realize that also meant no energy was transmitted .  No mass no energy just code and it is code that actually slows things down.  That's the same effect photon have with evaporation on surface water here on earth and elsewhere.  We see what appears to be a collision force like a miniature electron explosion but what it really is is the rest of the mass continuing to move forward and the electrons effected slowing down to a point they actually appear by a new form of relativity to be exploding off the surface when they are really being slowed down .    It all depends on the material as the periodic table meshes with the coding of the electromagnetic spectrum.  A gamma ray can do much more to slow an electron down considerably so its photo electric effect is higher than an xray and higher than visible light as well.  Gamma almost stops the electron in its place it.  The reaction is more like a stick going into a moving bicycle when than it is any kind of energy or force.  Electro magnetism is about proximity . the code relays in solid state mater but when it hits empty space it is still valid code and can go a considerable distance at the speed of light which is constant in space....code can easily have velocity at the same time it has no mass and no energy .  we do it all the time with radio and tv broadcast radiation  and we know its all code but we engineer it as if it is energy in transition and mass as we like it.  It all works out but it is completely wrong.  As the earth passes though the radiation field of the sun at relatively close proximity it gets activated not by being exposed to more energy and gaining mass from but from a sort of sub atomic evaporation effect because the photons slow down the outer most electrons they can come into contact with. It is hit or miss by probability and within the ranges found of the em spectrum.  Not all photons interact with everything on the periodic table or with combined molecules either.  That variability is one more amazing incite also suggesting the photons are pure code.  It reinforces not just the theory but aids in the proof.   I discussed dimensional expansion in earlier papers that results form photo electric effect but did not realize it was slowing due to code reception nor that the apparent energy comes from the underlying motion of what Newton called an object in motion staying in motion.  Any object in motion out in space with no metric grid to say where it is in relation absolutely to anything else in space can only start to gage it's actual momentum by striking an other object at some other velocity or interacting with photons.  The photon interactions though are not necessarily absolute.   some photon seem to just pass though or ignore or bounce off in reflection.  I still believe reflection is first absorption  and then re-emission.  but now I see all emissions as code.

The earth appears as a tiny dot in space from the surface of the sun. but the Sun is still activiating the eartha nd making it as visible as it would be from the surface.

If you could stand on the surface of the sun and look out and see earth it is a tiny speck in the distance running though the sun's radiation and solar wind. What you see of earth is light from the sun behind you reflected back. The distance from the sun's surface sets the amount of radiation hitting the earth constantly from the sun based on surface area exposed at the rate of the inverse square of the distance from the sun making the constant bath of photons from the sun less intense than where you are standing on the sun's surface. Much less intense. The earth can only interact with as many photons as per the surface area exposed as it orbits the sun. That radiation in total may actually have everything to do with earth's own planetary gravity especially when you dismiss the photo electric effect as energy and put it in the category of what it really is braking the existing momentum of individual electrons on the surface of the earth exposed. It leads to a complete revision of text book astronomy and physics. The exposure of the earth to the fainter radiation of the sun as per the inverse square law at the range of the earth's orbit may actually be photons bending mass per se instead of gravity bending light. Actually I am pretty sure of it now. What a misconception. Ample solar radiation is all about a kind of surface evaporation starting with subatomic particles especially electrons. The force of acceleration on earth is directly related to what turns out to be that loss of energy from momentum and a new creation of greater density because of probability as electrons are removed by this photo electric effect of slowing down . That goes back to my original mischaracterized thesis that gravity was thermodynamic.....which it still is when you see the photo electric effect in the new light.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"The Intelligent Universe" is the name of my coming book/ paper on the subject of our coded universe.

\Yes we live in an intelligent universe. It is easy to prove.  Not sure if that proves the existence of God or anything else but it does prove that where there is coded transmission there has to be intelligence.  Coding begins with assigning values to  phenomenology.  we humans often like to use schematic symbols to transmit ideas and messages as code. we assign shapes  values and try to make  the whole process systematic and predictable.  nature's code , having now gone way beyond 'laws of nature" to having a periodic table and an electro magnetic spectrum, DNA and other coding as in different levels of DNA coding when the DNA becomes activated in vitro tells us that we humans did not invent the codes but just happened to discover it and continue to try and decipher it as best we can.      
The way an intelligent universe works maybe for more types and levels of intelligence to exist than we humans want to imagine possible. we want to feel blessed and conceded with our consciousness. the entire universe maybe conscious as much or more than we are.  Atoms know which crystals to join when crystals are forming.  They can avoid becoming part of one crystal and instead become part of another.  plants may grow toward the light but no one thinks that's a form of innate intelligence except for me.    Why would it be intelligence?  It is just reacting.?  No it is reacting in as predictable way  instead of  we could say an "unintelligent way".....I can explain but it might take a whole darn book to do so.  Chemical reactions may not all be intelligent as it might take trillions of trillions times trillions of trillions of reactions for the accident that makes life possible on earth to happen anywhere else in the universe and everywhere else. In a universe with astronomical distances and time then there is plenty of time for all that and more to happen.

FYI Photon Expose'

Where F=MA  or force  equals mass time acceleration for a photon F =0 because F=zero mass x A
which is zero.

Now we do know that the photon has a definite  rate of acceleration .  Problem is that for a photon it is most likely based on non existent metrics.  A  photon has no way to position itself in space until it impacts something of material substance.  The value of A for a photon is probably actually negative. that is because a photon carries no energy and no mass but does carry code that can jolt an electron from it's atomic position by removing energy from its underlying momentum.  Giving a photon thus a negative value for A acceleration then makes perfect sense. The math however is not worth very much.  The periodic table and the elector magnetic spectrum charts  do identify the approximate level of energy removal from momentum with in the range.  electro microscopic images suggest a more hit or miss probability scenario . we are dealing with many photons and many affected electrons in many atoms  and not anything totally absolute.  defining a photon as having only acceleration for its coded message makes perfect sense because we already use the spectrum to send our own coded message including recorded music and voice, pictures and text.   photons serve the same purpose in nature that we humans have harnessed them to use for our own purposes.  

We use radio and tv / satellite broadcasting , wifi  sending a stream of photon radiation as pure code and we are not concerned as much as sending mass or energy when we do it.  The code is sent and usually amplified at a remote location where the signal is  collected and then it is interpreted from code .  Nature uses photons in almost exactly the same manner only to apparently send energy when it is really just acting on remote material interfaces to remove existing energy from outer most electrons until you rev up your photons to xrays and gamma.  Where F is zero you  still have observed acceleration . it can take  photons 8 minutes to travel to mars and another 8 minutes to get a message back.  easy to time and retest.....acceleration is there then but not force.