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The Sun could be fixed to a worm hole portal if ever one of those could exist. As for even bigger news from the Gravity Research Program in Portland Oregon. The Sun may just happen to mark what is an open portal worm hole . The idea that all mater and energy were vested in objects in space at the time of a mythical big bang is just one theory. Recalculating the energy and mass of the sun it might appear to be increasing with timer and not depleting some fixed amount of depos...ited mass and energy from 14 or more billion years ago. At GRP the idea that Stars including our Sun are feeders and not fixed masses then it is entirely possible that a wormhole opens to the sun to feed it constantly. Of course that could lead to later closing of the portal and the mass and energy net declining for the Sun. So If you do believe that space time can be folded to create a worm hole then clearly the Sun can be stationed right at that junction. The idea can be tested . I would look at the Coronal holes in the coronal sphere along the magnetic field lines . At GRP we think a super atomic core of a singe giant element can exist. call it a black hole if you prefer. That's because it would naturally have to discharge large numbers of electrons from the core....well visit GRP for more info


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Space Time is Nonsense in a universe where space has no actual metric properties. Einstein Got it Wrong . Super Relativity by Lex Loeb resolves the problem.

You have to read a lot of my previous posts to understand my empirical discoveries.  Figuring you have I will now quickly explain how mass relates to gravity and probably electromagnetic properties of mater too. Newton clearly stated that object in motion stay in motion but never really explained , relative, to everything else in the universe , as a marker or a metric in space, how any object 'stays at rest.'  

Relative to all  other objects moving in space or even photons at the speed of light,  Everything is actually in motion . Nothing is at rest.

Well of course you know that intuitively.  The whole mental experiment by Einstein about frames of reference is about things being in motion relative to each other and that also includes his diversion into space and time and space time.

Object in space regardless of size or whether they are mater or photons or something else that has physical subatomic particles of any sort or size is that they only can register against each othe…

How Photons lead to Lex Loeb's "Super Relativity"

Proving Electrons Have No Mass as they are really code processors that allows them to signal properties mass only

The massless electron is definite now. The best way to explain the new science is to use the word either . but it is not either that covers the entire universe it is a proton nucleus either that only covers the extent of electron attraction / counter balancing. electrons are as mass free as photons how ever they do have your basic thermodynamic properties. As photons are pure code electrons are electrons are acting more like computers. They process photonic code. The next step will totally blow away physics as we now know it. Not sure if relativity suffers yet...

  I am still resolving the mass free electron thesis.   Electrons have no mass . They are essentially code processors that signal properties of mass in the pervasive sea of electromagnetism that pervades the universe.  I now know that there is a sort of electro magnetic weather though out the entire  blips and pulses and has fronts just like weather systems. electrons are the intersection of mater and electro…