Gravity Research Program --GRP

Gravity Research Program --GRP
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Friday, June 16, 2017

Once you realize that photons are pure code you can help revise and fix physics and astronomy as we now know it.

I cannot do it all myself.  I have the main empirical evidence that requires these revisions happen now and I will move on to proving that where there is code there has to be intelligence.  I can't say that growing into a quartz  crystal as opposed to a diamond crystal takes a lot of intelligence but when intelligence it takes requires coding.  DNA is a completely different story because it is code with layers of code that binds to molecules in cells promoting what could be called even higher levels of code.  It all comes down to electro magnetism at work  and choice properties and levels of light and dark photonic activity as per electro magnetism.  electro magnetism is extreme coding we all know it with the spectrum and the periodic table  and then we have the encyclopedia of molecules and then we get to dna and a library of possible forms life can take.. Layers of code everything is going down to subatomic particles that lose momentum in contact with a particular electro magnetic disturbance.  that loss of momentum can be very elastic because subatomic forces keep negative and positive ions engaged with each other....evaporation is an ionization effect when it comes to photons and so is photo electric effect but none of it is caused by actual energy input to the contrary it is a kind of new relativity of motion slowing.  The speed of light then is acceleration with out out mass and without energy but the effects appear to transform both mass and energy of atoms.  atoms temporarily getting less massive with an electron put in greater motion and atoms also might seem to speed up just because they have electrons that fly off the surface having actually been put in a kind of temporary suspended animation.

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