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Gravity Research Program --GRP
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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The process of electroysis where oxygen and hydrogen are separately released from water along the lines of separate charged leads is key to the proof that photons carry no mass and no energy.

somewhere along the line readers may have missed this point.  its way back in the discovery blog.  The way oxygen and hydrogen can separate from water molecules and  emerge along separate lines of polarity in a current should be one of the greatest mysteries of science. it is practically quantum mechanics spooky action in a can.  It is acknowledged fact but ignored in understanding the properties of electromagnetism  and magnetic disturbances that relate to the production of photons.  In the experiments with electrolysis the photons might not be observed except there should be resistance of the current in water and that should lead to infrared and heating / release of heat in the process.  That goes down as "conservation of energy"  but does it?  the migration of oxygen and hydrogen in two opposite polarities says there is a problem not resolved. I believe I have resolved it.  That leaves photons completely out of the conservation of energy equations....unnecessary.  different thing not energy and not mass.  The only way you get the electrolysis results is by having a dark code that interferes with bonding energy because of some outer source of energy which can only be an unseen existing source of energy and that turns out to be momentum....the motion of mater relative to the motion of everything else.

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