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Einstein totally missed the point about photons being pure code and that hte photo electric effect is actually all about slowing down electrons from atoms from the general hidden momentum of the whole.

It turns out that the energy of photo electric effect totally comes from hidden momentum of the atoms affected from the whole body of mater. Einstein and others mistakenly figured that energy was being transferred though space and time by photons as well as mass.  All that was incorrect because of my proof going back to the radiometer proof, the Lex Loeb radiometer proof in the new laws of physics published years ago shows that no momentum is imparted with a photon collision . back then I did not realize that also meant no energy was transmitted .  No mass no energy just code and it is code that actually slows things down.  That's the same effect photon have with evaporation on surface water here on earth and elsewhere.  We see what appears to be a collision force like a miniature electron explosion but what it really is is the rest of the mass continuing to move forward and the electrons effected slowing down to a point they actually appear by a new form of relativity to be exploding off the surface when they are really being slowed down .    It all depends on the material as the periodic table meshes with the coding of the electromagnetic spectrum.  A gamma ray can do much more to slow an electron down considerably so its photo electric effect is higher than an xray and higher than visible light as well.  Gamma almost stops the electron in its place it.  The reaction is more like a stick going into a moving bicycle when than it is any kind of energy or force.  Electro magnetism is about proximity . the code relays in solid state mater but when it hits empty space it is still valid code and can go a considerable distance at the speed of light which is constant in space....code can easily have velocity at the same time it has no mass and no energy .  we do it all the time with radio and tv broadcast radiation  and we know its all code but we engineer it as if it is energy in transition and mass as we like it.  It all works out but it is completely wrong.  As the earth passes though the radiation field of the sun at relatively close proximity it gets activated not by being exposed to more energy and gaining mass from but from a sort of sub atomic evaporation effect because the photons slow down the outer most electrons they can come into contact with. It is hit or miss by probability and within the ranges found of the em spectrum.  Not all photons interact with everything on the periodic table or with combined molecules either.  That variability is one more amazing incite also suggesting the photons are pure code.  It reinforces not just the theory but aids in the proof.   I discussed dimensional expansion in earlier papers that results form photo electric effect but did not realize it was slowing due to code reception nor that the apparent energy comes from the underlying motion of what Newton called an object in motion staying in motion.  Any object in motion out in space with no metric grid to say where it is in relation absolutely to anything else in space can only start to gage it's actual momentum by striking an other object at some other velocity or interacting with photons.  The photon interactions though are not necessarily absolute.   some photon seem to just pass though or ignore or bounce off in reflection.  I still believe reflection is first absorption  and then re-emission.  but now I see all emissions as code.


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