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Gravity Research Program --GRP
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"The Intelligent Universe" is the name of my coming book/ paper on the subject of our coded universe.

\Yes we live in an intelligent universe. It is easy to prove.  Not sure if that proves the existence of God or anything else but it does prove that where there is coded transmission there has to be intelligence.  Coding begins with assigning values to  phenomenology.  we humans often like to use schematic symbols to transmit ideas and messages as code. we assign shapes  values and try to make  the whole process systematic and predictable.  nature's code , having now gone way beyond 'laws of nature" to having a periodic table and an electro magnetic spectrum, DNA and other coding as in different levels of DNA coding when the DNA becomes activated in vitro tells us that we humans did not invent the codes but just happened to discover it and continue to try and decipher it as best we can.      
The way an intelligent universe works maybe for more types and levels of intelligence to exist than we humans want to imagine possible. we want to feel blessed and conceded with our consciousness. the entire universe maybe conscious as much or more than we are.  Atoms know which crystals to join when crystals are forming.  They can avoid becoming part of one crystal and instead become part of another.  plants may grow toward the light but no one thinks that's a form of innate intelligence except for me.    Why would it be intelligence?  It is just reacting.?  No it is reacting in as predictable way  instead of  we could say an "unintelligent way".....I can explain but it might take a whole darn book to do so.  Chemical reactions may not all be intelligent as it might take trillions of trillions times trillions of trillions of reactions for the accident that makes life possible on earth to happen anywhere else in the universe and everywhere else. In a universe with astronomical distances and time then there is plenty of time for all that and more to happen.

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