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Gravity Research Program --GRP
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Friday, June 16, 2017

The earth appears as a tiny dot in space from the surface of the sun. but the Sun is still activiating the eartha nd making it as visible as it would be from the surface.

If you could stand on the surface of the sun and look out and see earth it is a tiny speck in the distance running though the sun's radiation and solar wind. What you see of earth is light from the sun behind you reflected back. The distance from the sun's surface sets the amount of radiation hitting the earth constantly from the sun based on surface area exposed at the rate of the inverse square of the distance from the sun making the constant bath of photons from the sun less intense than where you are standing on the sun's surface. Much less intense. The earth can only interact with as many photons as per the surface area exposed as it orbits the sun. That radiation in total may actually have everything to do with earth's own planetary gravity especially when you dismiss the photo electric effect as energy and put it in the category of what it really is braking the existing momentum of individual electrons on the surface of the earth exposed. It leads to a complete revision of text book astronomy and physics. The exposure of the earth to the fainter radiation of the sun as per the inverse square law at the range of the earth's orbit may actually be photons bending mass per se instead of gravity bending light. Actually I am pretty sure of it now. What a misconception. Ample solar radiation is all about a kind of surface evaporation starting with subatomic particles especially electrons. The force of acceleration on earth is directly related to what turns out to be that loss of energy from momentum and a new creation of greater density because of probability as electrons are removed by this photo electric effect of slowing down . That goes back to my original mischaracterized thesis that gravity was thermodynamic.....which it still is when you see the photo electric effect in the new light.

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