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Kinetic Motion Energy is dark also accounts for apparent expansion/ accelerating expansion of the universe as a frames of reference illusion.

I had this alien physics revelation last night that all planets, stars galaxies, etc have net kinetic energy of motion inherent in their existence. Space is incapable of having any metrics for these objects in space or for their potential kinetic force in collision. Collision of objects with kinetic energy of motion , like water above a dam, is something that only is realized and indicated/ measured by an actual interaction with other massive objects, So we can calculate... the speed of the earth by crashing an asteroid into the earth and finding out out much energy is released to determine that kinetic energy of motion of both objects . We can see our frames of reference speed of the asteroid coming in and record that and then figure out the total number of meters per second the earth is traveling in the cosmos , of the sun for that mater too. traveling in empty space that is.. So then I go an inventory all the massive objects in the universe and they all have kinetic energy of motion with all different velocities and levels of acceleration. Some percentage of all that massive stuff is only visible in the skies because of collisions happening when the light was generated that reaches our eyes via telescopes. by inventorying every thing as potential kinetic energy I see an entirely different universe and instantly I realize that I might have an alternative solution to the problem where astrophysicists are possibly mistakenly determining that the universe is expanding and accelerating at that. Every object in our solar system for instance, has that kinetic energy of motion, like water above a dam, precisely because it has not crashed with anything else or into anything else. So I can tell you that yes there is a totally alien explanation for what seems to be an expanding universe that really may not be. There are other important revelations too I am working on . What makes protons capable of colliding. And it seems to me electrons can't actually collide though I am still researching that possibility. It also means something really weird. not long ago I found out that magnetism can be canned and moved away from it's source. I called that dimensional expansion long ago but this idea that all objects can contain kinetic energy could mean I could put your car in motion at the factory and instead of giving it gas or turning on the power you would only need to use the kinetic energy already in its atomic structure to get it of move, fly or what ever. catching a falling star , putting moon beams in a really.


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You have to read a lot of my previous posts to understand my empirical discoveries.  Figuring you have I will now quickly explain how mass relates to gravity and probably electromagnetic properties of mater too. Newton clearly stated that object in motion stay in motion but never really explained , relative, to everything else in the universe , as a marker or a metric in space, how any object 'stays at rest.'  

Relative to all  other objects moving in space or even photons at the speed of light,  Everything is actually in motion . Nothing is at rest.

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