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Gravity Research Program --GRP
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Proving Electrons Have No Mass as they are really code processors that allows them to signal properties mass only

The massless electron is definite now. The best way to explain the new science is to use the word either . but it is not either that covers the entire universe it is a proton nucleus either that only covers the extent of electron attraction / counter balancing. electrons are as mass free as photons how ever they do have your basic thermodynamic properties. As photons are pure code electrons are electrons are acting more like computers. They process photonic code. The next step will totally blow away physics as we now know it. Not sure if relativity suffers yet...

  I am still resolving the mass free electron thesis.   Electrons have no mass . They are essentially code processors that signal properties of mass in the pervasive sea of electromagnetism that pervades the universe.  I now know that there is a sort of electro magnetic weather though out the entire  blips and pulses and has fronts just like weather systems. electrons are the intersection of mater and electromagnetism.  they are just code  processors. The nuclear atom also processes code but it should be a by product of electron code processing coming first.  The new physics now says there are parts of the cosmos with almost no electro magnetism and other parts that are highly enriched. you can look at the solar system we live in and see the most electromagnetic activity at the sun and then it fades with distance out away from the sun. Then there are brighter electromagnetic planets like the earth having its field and mars having almost far far away we can figure there are areas of absolute zero temperatures with virtually no electro magnetism.  that may lead to what dark mater would have to be and / or what so  called dark energy is lacking electromagnetism or just being less than elsewhere which if you could read astronomy photographs using it makes more sense of things.

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