Gravity Research Program --GRP

Gravity Research Program --GRP
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Thursday, April 26, 2018

reverse to impart latent momentum...

 My physics research is moving forward fast or maybe backwards because first latent energy of momentum is what photons derive point to point electromagnetic disturbances from.  Backwards than emitting a photon or re-emiting a photon then contributes back again to the the net reserve of latent momentum.  That only because of coding phenomenology since no energy what so ever is transmitted.  So why code and what is code?  That question is going to have an answer that will make quantum mechanics obsolete. Our code is linguistic, communicates ...but code gets sent all the time that no one can interpret unless they have the key to the code or 'break" the code to uncover it or discover it.   So what is code then? some say information.  I say directive probability . Or just probability.  the more information revealed the more meaning we say the code transmitted.  photons don't transmit meaning.  code never transmits meaning.  go to computer code of binary ones and zeros.  It looks like 111000010010100010011101111101010100010....and that may represent something or might not.   representations of electro magnetism over time and space...ah that's what it is...though it always requires a material interface for reactions to read it.....organisms with senses can sometimes to that but inorganic material can also follow the directions implied by photonic code.  Its coding for electromagnetism.

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